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Animation Store Manager

19 Aug 2002
3 min
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This is the Animation Store Manager!! Anime Tenchou is a CM character for Animate, one of Japan's biggest retailer of anime, games, and manga. The character series was created by Shimamoto Kazuhiko for publicity purposes. Later adapted into a manga, a weekly radio drama and this OVA animated by GAINAX and directed by Anno Hideaki. Anizawa Meito is the blazing store manager. He is a fireball who loves animation merchandise at heart. He takes over the dying wish of the former store manager, though still alive, who was attacked by the rival store and becomes a “store manager” of newly opened animation goods specialty store, Animate. The scarlet, “store manager visor” is his trademark.




Takehito Koyasu

Touya Dougenzaka (voice)

Akira Ishida

Wataru (voice)

Hiroaki Hirata

Mel Rose (voice)

Toshihiko Seki

Ryuu Raiba (voice)

Tomokazu Seki

Meito Anizawa (voice)

Soichiro Hoshi

Yuzuru (voice)

avatar fallback

Shin-ichiro Miki

Guy Denki (voice)

avatar fallback

Hiro Yuuki

Hikaru (voice)

avatar fallback

Jurota Kosugi

President Takahashi (voice)

avatar fallback

Miki Nagasawa

Lamica Hoshii (voice)

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