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Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Vol.2 - The Goddess of the Aegean Sea

10 Jan 2015
26 min
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Learning that island of Delos has been taken over by Neuroi, Charlotte E. Yeager and Francesca Lucchini are teamed up with Hanna-Justina Marseille and her partner Raisa Pöttgen to draw out the Neuroi hiding within it. Francesca, who has strong family ties with Delos, objects to their superior's plan to destroy the island, so they work out a new plan to have Hanna and Raisa draw out the Neuroi while Charlotte and Francesca drop bombs on it. When this plan ends up failing, Francesca tries to attack on but is inevitably forced to retreat. The next day, before the bombardment on the island is due to take place, Charlotte, unwilling to let Francesca down, decides to make use of an abandoned ship's winch to pull the Neuroi out of its hiding place, allowing it to be destroyed without any damage to the island. Afterwards, Francesca takes Charlotte and the others on a tour of Delos and its artifacts. (Source: Wikipedia)



Shizuka Itoh

Hanna-Justina "Star of Africa" Marseille (voice)

Chiaki Takahashi

Edytha Neumann

Chiwa Saito

Francesca "Gattino" Lucchini

Misato Fukuen

Yoshika Miyafuji

Ami Koshimizu

Charlotte E. "Charlie" Yeager

Masaki Terasoma

Erwin Rommel

avatar fallback

Arise Sato

Michiko "Micchan" Yamakawa

avatar fallback

Kiyoko Nagaki

Emiliana Lucchini

avatar fallback

Aiko Kusumi

Raisa Pöttgen

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