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Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls

02 Oct 2011
25 min
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Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors. A healthy fighting spirit is always valued and it's even an important factor for success at school. Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami High school, is always with his close friends (4 boys and 3 girls). They have all known each other since they were young and have done many things together. While they have many other friends, this group of seven is a close-knit, inseparable group. They even have a secret base where they meet. With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things begin to change...



Yuichi Nakamura

Hideo Kuki

Katsuyuki Konishi

Shoichi Kazama

Junichi Suwabe

Minamoto Tadakatsu

Kappei Yamaguchi

Ikuro Fukumoto

Harumi Sakurai

Ami Itagaki

Hiroshi Kamiya

Yamato Naoe

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Yokote Kumiko

Miyako Shiina

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Shizuka Itoh

Christiane Friedrich

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Takeshi Kusao

Gakuto Shimazu

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