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Fort Osage

10 Feb 1952
72 min
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Lesley Selander took time off from his directorial duties on Tim Holt's RKO western series to helm the Monogram oater Fort Osage. Rod Cameron stars as frontier scout Tim Clay, assigned to guide a wagon train through Indian territory. Clay knows that he's in for a lot of trouble because of the treaty-violating activities of white criminals Pickett (Morris Ankrum) and Keane (Douglas Kennedy). Fortunately for the hero, Pickett and Keane double-cross each other somewhere along the line, weakening their ability to foment an all-out Indian attack. Jane Nigh co-stars as the in-the-dark daughter of one of the villains. Fort Osage was produced by Walter Mirisch, who later graduated to such big-budgeters as West Side Story and The Great Escape.




Francis McDonald

Osage Chief

Myron Healey

Martin Christensen

Iron Eyes Cody

Osage Brave - Blue Shirt

Rod Cameron

Tom Clay

Lane Bradford

Rawlins - Henchman

John Ridgely

Henry Travers

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Dorothy Adams

Mrs. Winfield

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Douglas Kennedy

George Keane

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Morris Ankrum

Arthur Pickett

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Jane Nigh

Ann Pickett

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