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Was Once a Hero

01 Jan 1970
movie vertical poster fallback

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Ginny and Little Bit are in trouble. After their father and only living relative is murdered by a gang of outlaws led by an increasingly unhinged marauder named Chance, they've been on the run. Narrowly escaping death, Ginny has only her wiles and her love for her little brother, as they make their way across an unforgiving landscape fraught with sheer danger. As she struggles with the painful memory of her father's murder and the utterly overwhelming guilt born from killing the man who was hell-bent on her rape and torture, Ginny is out of options as the wolves are relentlessly closing in. Things change for the children when they cross paths with Major Malcolm Hunter, a one-time war hero and lawman who's now been reduced to an old man with a failing memory. They form an alliance and make an attempt to reach the town of Black Ridge, where they could all be saved. Will Malcolm and Ginny have what it takes to find this place of refuge that may or may not even exist?

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