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Star Trek

08 Apr 1998
25 min
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Princess Nine, or Princess Nine Kisaragi Girls High Baseball Club, is a 26-episode Japanese anime broadcast in Japan in 1998. The television series was produced by Phoenix Entertainment in Japan, initially released by ADV Films in North America, aired from April 8 to October 14, 1998 on NHK, ran for 26 episodes, and six volumes of the series were released on VHS and DVD. The show is listed at as a recommended series. At Anime Expo 2013, Right Stuf had announced that they have license the series for a 2014 release under their Lucky Penny label. The story concerns the trials of nine girls at the Kisaragi School for Girls who form a baseball team for the purpose of playing on equal footing with boys' teams at the most prestigious high school tournament in Japan, The National High School Baseball Championship. Their aim to qualify for, and ultimately to win, the final rounds of the tournament which is held each year at the Koshien Stadium. They are led by ace pitcher, Ryo Hayakawa, a daughter of a former rising pitching star in Japan.



Takehito Koyasu

Hiroki Takasugi

Ayako Kawasumi

Yuki Azuma

Sumi Shimamoto

Shino Hayakawa

Kazuhiko Inoue

Hidehiko Hayakawa

Tetsuya Iwanaga

Seishiro Natsume

Koji Ishii

Shinsaku Kido

avatar fallback

Kyoko Hikami

Seira Morimura

avatar fallback

Akiko Yajima

Koharu Hotta

avatar fallback

Mayumi Izuka

Yoko Tokashiki

avatar fallback

Miki Nagasawa

Ryo Hayakawa

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