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Desert Dust

18 Dec 1927
50 min
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Frank Fortune, a young rancher, is jailed along with two of his men for fighting with rival ranchers. Helen Marsden, daughter of a wealthy senator who is interested in prison reform, prevails on the judge to parole them into her custody and work at her ranch. Frank falls in love and, so as to stay on at the ranch, convinces her he is a notorious criminal. When the senator visits her with a large sum of money belonging to the state, three "reformed" crooks on the premises plan to steal it. Fortune's friends learn of the plot and decide to take the money for safekeeping, but Fortune intervenes; the real crooks do steal the funds, however, and depart with Helen in an automobile. Fortune overtakes the speeding car and rescues Helen.




Lotus Thompson

Helen Marsden

Richard L'Estrange

Slim Donovan

Ted Wells

Frank Fortune

Bruce Gordon

Butch Rorke

Slim Cole

The Parson

avatar fallback

George Ovey

Shorty Benton

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