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Easy Money

13 Jun 1936
70 min
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Dan Adams resigns his position as prosecutor on the district attorney's staff and sets out to clean up a gang of fake-accident racketeers. He gets a job with an insurance company, and assures the company president he will get the goods on the gang or die in the attempt. At the company offices, he meets Carol Carter and she, believing he is a shyster (possibly redundant) lawyer in the employ of the racketeers gives him as little help as possible. Dan visits his brother Eddie, who is mixed up with the gang and tries to make him break away. Eddie is belligerent but finally, because of the pressure brought by Dan and his wife Tonia, agrees to go straight. The gang, led by "Duke" Trotti, fears he will squeal and they kill him, plus they make his death look like an accident and plan to collect on it. Dan is closing in on the gang when Carol, who is now his assistant, comes up with some conclusive evidence, but "Duke" has plans to get rid of her before she can give the information to Dan.




Barbara Bedford

Mrs. Edith Turner

Henry Hebert

Elmer Johnson

Robert Homans

Sam Belden

Allen Vincent

Eddie Adams

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Betty Mack

Telephone Operator

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Selmer Jackson

Allen Harrison

avatar fallback

Kay Linaker

Carol Carter

avatar fallback

Noel Madison

'Duke' Trotti

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