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Sing, Baby, Sing

21 Aug 1936
90 min
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The "Caliban-Ariel" romance of fiftysomething John Barrymore and teenager Elaine Barrie is spoofed in this delightful 20th Century Fox musical. Adolphe Menjou plays the Barrymore counterpart, a loose-living movie star with a penchant for wine, women, and more wine. Alice Faye plays a nightclub singer hungry for publicity. Her agent (Gregory Ratoff) arranges a "romance" between Faye and Menjou. Eventually Faye winds up with Michael Whalen, allowing Menjou to continue his blissful, bibulous bachelorhood. Sing, Baby, Sing represented the feature-film debut of the Ritz Brothers, who are in top form in their specialty numbers--and who are awarded a final curtain call after the "The End" title, just so the audience won't forget them (The same device was used to introduce British actor George Sanders in Fox's Lancer Spy [37]).




Dale Van Sickel

Nightclub Patron

Montagu Love

Robert Wilson

Bess Flowers

Nurse in Hospital

Lester Dorr

Kansas City News Vendor

George Chandler

Hospital Interne

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Lynn Bari

Hotel Telephone Operator

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Adolphe Menjou

Bruce Farraday

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Carroll Nye

Radio Announcer

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