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Sylvester Stallone Bio.

01 Mar 2005
120 min
movie vertical poster fallback

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The second biography already been produced by A&E, which produced a 60 minute biography of Stallone in 2001 has a whole new biography out. With new interviews, never before seen footage and pictures, interviews by Stallone himself detailing his life. Interviews by other actors and friends and family. This 120 minute biography details Stallone the child to Stallone the movie star to finally Stallone the family man, editor and chief of "Sly Magazine" founder and chairmen of Instone, Stallone's vitamin company and his new reality TV series "The Contender" This biography is packed with 2 hours of interviews and retrospectives.


Sharon Stone

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John Travolta

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Burt Young

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Talia Shire

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