Murray Fredericks

Age: 51

Place of Birth: N/A



Murray is a photographer of spaces. Whether on the infinite salt plains of central Australia, or interpreting contemporary urban creations of Australia's leading architects and designers, his bold and seamless compositions stand testament to a unique vision. Murray's skills lie in photographing subjects that are too big to light using conventional studio lighting. By using ambient light the resulting imagery is better than could ever be achieved by employing artificial lighting. This doesn't mean that no lights are used, it means that the subjects are interpreted in their optimum state then photographic lighting is used only to enhance: to subtly but powerfully tell the story. Murray's clients include Mirvac, Ivy, Establishment Sydney, Belle Magazine, Elle Décor Italy, Vogue Living Magazine, Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, Intercontinental, Faena Hotel Buenos Aires, Monument Magazine, and Australian Architectural Review. Murray's methods in the commercial sphere have grown out of techniques used in the production of his internationally acclaimed art works. Murray's first solo show at Hamilton's Gallery London sold out as did his work at Paris Photo 06 at The Louvre.