Jack Constantine

Age: 27

Place of Birth: N/A





Jaquard Anthony Contastine was born in San Diego, California in 1994. He lived there for 10 years and then went to live with his family in Barcelona, Spain in 2004. Since he was 6 he developed a passion for Shrek (2001) and film making. In high school he started developing his own cinematographic short about characters such as Tony, Facundo and Janitor. When he met Mauro Tuboloco a fellow Shrek (2001) fan who could do funny voices. Jack and Mauro Tuboloco have since been working together in animated shows and shorts for their website Frankfurt Life, such as: Tony Story (2016), The not so interesting adventures of Fiol and Dolphin (2018) and the upcoming Uncle Frankfurt: Family Restaurant (2019). Jack is very ambitious and wants to direct Shrek 5 someday and complete his dream.