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Rafael Banquells

1969 - 1970

La Habana, Cuba



Executive Producer


Rafael Banquells (June 25, 1917 – October 27, 1990) born Rafael Banquells Garafulla was an actor, director and TV producer known in Mexico as Rafael Banquells. Rafael Banquells Garafulla was born on June 25, 1917 in La Habana, Cuba. His parents were actors in Spain. He began his career as a movies actor in 1940. He was married three times. His wives were actresses. First he married Blanca de Castejón (deceased). He was then married to the actress and TV producer Silvia Pinal and they had a daughter, Sylvia Pasquel; and he was last married to the actress Dina de Marco. Their children are José Manuel, Rocío Banquells, Mary Paz, Ariadne and Rafael II. Rafael died on October 27, 1990 in Mexico City, at the age of 73. The name of this actor and director is written with Golden letters in the history of Mexican televisión, movies and theater.