Gareth Bryn

Age: 43

Pontypridd, Wales, UK




Gareth was born in 1978. From an early age he showed a keen interest in making films. Gareth cut his teeth shooting films on his parents HI8 camcorder and editing them tape to tape. When a theatre was built in the neighbouring town, through a drama workshop he discovered a talent for acting. This led him to study at Paul McCartneys "Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts". At the time, LIPA was a 24hr creative hub. It encouraged its students to cross over into all disciplines, so while studying acting Gareth also played in bands, produced and directed for the first time. Gareth worked extensively in TV, film and in the West end but it took him 7 years to realise he was on the wrong side of the camera. It was in 2005 that he bought a minDV camera and and made his first short film, writing, filming, editing and composing the score. The film "Waking Sleep" received success on Kevin Spaceys Trigger Street before being bought by a Welsh producer who commissioned a welsh language version. Following the success of the film Gareth was made an offer of becoming a trainee director on a new Tv series. In 2006 Gareth won a Welsh BAFTA for his work on the show and has since been nominated a further 7 times. Gareth has always been inspired by the likes of Robert Rodriguez and his shoot from the hip mentality. He is an experienced vfx artist and editor and runs his own post production facility. "I've always tried to make myself indispensable. Budgets get lower but expectations get higher. I want to give the writer the freedom to create a world where anything is possible without having to worry too much about limiting their imagination because of budget. As a director, being across the edit and the VFX is hugely liberating." - IMDb Mini Biography By: Cinematic