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Zhu Shimao

Age: 67

Yantai, Shandong, China




Joined the People's Liberation Army in 1970 and served as an actor of the Fuzhou Military Region Repertory Theatre. In 1975, director of Beijing Film Studio Shui Hua selected Zhu Shimao as Fu Hailong in the film "Children of Xisha". From then on into the film industry. In 1983, he was officially transferred to the August 1st Film Studios. Before entering the Bayi Factory, Xie Jin chose Zhu Shimao to play the actor Xu Lingzhang when he directed "Wrangler". Under the strict requirements of the well-known director Xie Jin, Zhu Shimao paid attention to grasping emotions, struggling to dig into the character's inner world, and made an intellectual who was beaten to the right by enduring hardships and convictions, Xu Lingzhang, lively. As a result, Zhu Shimao became famous in the movie industry and became a favorite young actor. Later, he played Ke Yuhua in the film "Doctor Ke Yuhua", Yuan Han in "The Road Is Relentless and Love", Wu Zhongyi in "The Urgent Blue Whale", and Ma Chuanbei in "I Only Tear Three Times" and many more. His performances in these films are not as good as those of Wrangler, but they are still loved by the audience. In 1990, Zhu Shimao changed his career from the Bayi Film Studio to become an actor in the China Broadcasting Art Troupe. Shortly thereafter, studying abroad. In 1993 he participated in the filming of "Mist House". Currently engaged in film and television production (production).